Valkaria RC Raceway

Radio Controlled Racing

Valkaria RC On October - 26 - 2015

17.5 A-Main – Scotty Gray TQ’d the class and eventually took the win. Hard charging Mark Burt made every attempt possible to take the win but ended up 2nd. He was followed by a great battle for 3rd place which went to Blake Ryan, followed by Jarrett Parson, and Michael Brue to round out the top five.

17.5 B-Main – Lee Kesler and Allan Hall finished first and second, separated by just a half second on track. It was exciting to watch push it for all he was worth but his charge to the front was just a little too late as Lee held on for the win.

SPEC 17.5GT A-Main – Joe Sumasky took TQ and the win in this class, keeping himself well out in front of second place Lee Kesler by over 5 seconds. Nice run Joe! Rich Carpenter, Ken Moss, and Ismael Vazquez rounded out the top five. The racing tough and highly contested for the positions of 3rd and 6th place.

USGT – Mark Burt TQ’d this class but Scotty Gray wasn’t going to be denied. Mark Burt ran a very fast 2nd place, followed by Robert Cooper, Blake Ryan, and Peter Pepe to complete the top five. This was the first time the USGT cars were on the track at Valkaria R/C for something other than a warm-up race. It was exciting to watch, especially from the standpoint that this class brings a true realism to hobby. We hope there will be much more USGT racing here in the future.

USVTA B-Main – this race had it all and these racers were going for it as the laps wound down! This was possibly the most exciting finish of the day and left everyone clapping for the top guys. Positions swapped back and forth but finally Joe Depinto pulled off a great finish to just edge out Chris Remus for the win. Ron Cicchese went airborne in the final few laps but held on for a solid 3rd place finish, followed by Tom Catron and Rich Carpenter rounding out the top 5.

USVTA – Triple A- Mains – this was the reason for the event!! A heads-up grid start, a pace car led rolling start and an inverted Lemans start were all used and the racing was great in each one. Jarrett Parson (Current FSEARA VTA Champion) and Mark Burt (2015 Snowbirds VTA Champ) clearly demonstrated why they are champions. These two paced the field in all the qualifying efforts and the mains. It was evident the win would be determined between these two. In end, Jarett would take the win with his 2 points to Mark’s 3 points. It was a tough battle and a well-deserved win for Jarrett as Mark pushed him to the limits each and every race. Steve Pendergraph finished a very strong 3rd and ran very well all weekend. Dave Franklin finished solidly in fourth and Michael Bruce won the tie-breaker for fifth place over Scott Meeks to bring home the 5th position hardware! Speaking of hardware, you’ll want to see the pictures of the trophies that were given out for this race. They were all designed and built by Peter Pepe. This took a tremendous amount of time and effort but in the end, we are all so thankful because these things are works of art. It could be overheard from many racers these trophies were the best they had ever received and they weren’t going in the closet or in a box like all the others!

Again, thanks to all the racers who came out for the event. Thanks to the entire event staff that helped to make what was once a “thought for discussion”, to eventually the real deal and the first of its’ kind on a paved surface. Lastly, thanks again the sponsors for their generosity. It was greatly appreciated by all.

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