Classes We Run

Novice/Entry Level Class

  • This class is for people just starting out and would like to get into the hobby.  Any 1/10 scale car with a 2S battery and 21.5T equivalent (or less) motor with ESC in blinky mode can be run in this class.  One example of an entry-level car is Traxxas 4-Tec RTR (Ready To Run with Brushed Motor).  These kits can be purchased for around $350 from Michaels RC Hobbies (
    Vintage Trans Am (VTA) - 1/10th Scale 25.5T
    • This is the next step up in challenge and speed from from the novice class or Euro Truck.  Each car is 4WD/AWD with more tuning options and needs to be built as a kit.  The class uses spec tires, open 25.5T motors, 2S (2 cell) batteries, and any ESC or Speed Controller in "blinky" mode.  This class draws a good turnout due to the body shells that people are able to run from the trans am days, including Camaro, Mustang, Dodge and AMC muscle cars.
    • Current VTA Rules
    • YouTube video of VTA cars at VRC

    Formula 1 (F1)

    USGT - Spec 21.5 Motor

    • USGT is competitive 4WD/AWD class that runs a specific spec 21.5 motor along with a spec tire (no touring car dish wheels).  This class will tend to have some more competitive guys in it for the fact it really comes down to driving skill and setup.  The vast majority of people run this class because like VTA and F1, it uses realistic and modern bodies.
    • Current USGT Rules
    • YouTube video of USGT cars at VRC

    GT12 - 1/12 Pan Cars

    • A new class developed in the past few years where people take a 1/12th pan car (2wd/RWD), bigger foam tires than normal carpet races, and instead of a wedge LeMan style body, they use a smaller version of the 1/10th GT Bodies.  Drivers still use a 1S ESC and Battery along with a 21.5T motor.  These little cars, like the F1, can be harder to drive due to the RWD component and will tend to have more skilled racers in it.
    • Here are some 1/12th scale options
    • Current GT12 Rules
    • YouTube video of GT12 cars at VRC

    GT10 - 1/10 Pan Cars

    • The 'Big Brother' to GT12, this class uses 25.5T motor with a 2S battery and almost identical chassis...just a little bigger!

    Touring Car - 21.5T/17.5T/Modified

    • This is the premier class in the US and world wide.  The most competitive drivers with the most experience will be found competing in one of these 3 distinct classes.  Anyone from fully factory sponsored all the way down to your local privateer challenger will be racing this style of car.  Most races are on a spec dish style tire to keep things fair.  The kits are of the highest quality and allow for fine tuning and customization in order to get the most out of them.  Major manufacturers you will see at the track will be XPRESS, XRAY, Awesomatix, Serpent, Mugen, Infinity, and Schumacher.
    • 21.5T and 17.5 turn have the exact same rules ("blinky") except one uses a faster motor than the other (17.5T is faster than 21.5T)
    • Modified is an OPEN class.  Meaning, you can run any turn motor and any ESC/Speed Controller settings you want.  This class still runs a spec tire and adheres to the same ROAR rules around weight, wing, ride heights, voltage, etc.
    • Current ROAR Rules
    • YouTube video of 17.5T cars at VRC
    • YouTube video of Modified cars at VRC